Acquisitions & Team Lift- Outs

As product life cycles continue to shorten, many firms wish to upgrade or build out their capabilities in specific product areas.   For example, over the last three years, there has been strong demand for the following areas:
  • Global Equities;
  • Emerging Market Equities;
  • Equity Income;
  • US Small Cap Equities;
  • Emerging Market Debt;
  • Multi-Sector Fixed Income;
  • Alternative & Extended Credit;
  • Multi-Asset.
Building out new product areas organically increasingly presents unacceptably-long lead times.  In addition to the time taken to redeploy or assemble a team of individuals from different backgrounds, Institutional Investors and Consultants often require the newly-assembled team to have a two to three year track record before they will consider investing.  So an organic team build out can take three to five years to achieve critical mass.
Many of Godliman’s clients prefer Acquisitions, which give a more certain return on their investment; or team lift outs, which can significantly reduce their time to market.
Over the last 5 years, Godliman has developed a successful model to identify and assess potential businesses and teams available for acquisition and/or lift-out.