Executive Search

As a Search firm, we work on behalf of companies, not candidates.
Over the last 16 years, since founding the first business to trade with the Godliman name, our business model has continually evolved to keep pace with the rapid pace of change in the global asset management sector.    In the last six years, technology has facilitated Talent Management teams and Recruitment Agencies to search more pro-actively for candidates using sites such as LinkedIn.   They are increasingly able to handle vanilla searches.
Our core business is therefore focused on ‘high touch’, business-critical Searches.   These days, there is usually some complexity involved in searches that we undertake, for example:
  • Where extensive background due diligence or referencing is required;
  • Where there is a high evaluative element to the search (eg. when looking for the best track record);
  • Where confidentiality is paramount: ensuring news of the Search does not leak either internally or to the market until the appropriate moment;
  • Where there is legal complexity, such as a team lift-out;
  • Where there is a scarcity of talent, in high-demand areas;
  • Where  there are many moving parts, such as a team build-out.
We often work with firms in transition.  This might mean a firm building out in Europe; or a firm rebuilding after a period of under-performance.  In these situations, we work closely with clients to help them manage their recruitment footprint, acting as an additional PR channel to influence the way the firm is perceived by targeted individuals/influencers in the market.


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