Reading Room

This area is intended as a ‘Reading Room’, where we can upload articles about Godliman, about headhunters in general, and about the market, that we think may be of interest to readers.


Advice for Job Seekers
Godliman works on behalf of companies, not candidates.  However, we try to make sure that, anyone who contacts us, whether we can help them directly or not, should always feel that they have been treated decently, honestly and with integrity.  So we attach below some downloadable documents and links which we think may be helpful to people looking for jobs.


    • Asset Management Search Firms (London)
      This is a list prepared by Godliman Partners of recommended Executive Search practices in London that cover Asset Management (last updated January 2020), and is provided for job seekers as a convenient summary of reputable search firms.
    • How to Manage Headhunters
      This is intended for job seekers, describing the differences between Search, Selection & Agency head-hunters, and advising on how to manage them.
    •  How to Identify Headhunters
      This gives advice on how to identify relevant  head-hunting companies, to expand on the list of  Search firms above.
Advice for Companies with a Recruitment Requirement
If you are a company trying to select a Recruitment firm, we hope the documents below will help you identify whether you would be best served by an Agency or Search firm, and will give you some independent advice on how to make your selection.


Some background information on Godliman