Team Build Outs

There are a small number of investment strategies in high demand but often scarce supply of such strategies.
This is often the case in relatively new strategies, for example:  Emerging Market Corporate Debt where there are quite simply very few teams operating in this space.  Or, in the area of Pensions In-Sourcing, where Pension Funds are increasingly taking the management of core assets back in-house, and so need to build out a complete investment team.
In these cases, there will likely not be a ‘lift-out’ team to suit the requirement; so the alternative is to build out a team through multiple hires, usually with a number of candidates from different backgrounds and employers.
In theory, one could simply mandate a several headhunters to handle the volume of hires required.  In practice, however, these hires are best undertaken by one headhunter.
This is because Team Build-outs are complicated by the fact that a number of the hires are contingent on other hires being completing first.  There is often an iterative element to each additional hire, as the completed hires generally shape the requirements for the remaining hires.
So it is important that Team Build-Outs are handled in a ‘joined up’ way by one headhunter who is capable of assessing individuals against the broader team composition as the team develops.
Godliman’s expertise in the Asset Management market gives us the ability to advise clients on whether they would be better served by a Team Lift-out or a Team Build-out.
Godliman has the scale of resource and experience needed to manage the many moving parts involved in build-outs, with a successful track record of building out teams for a variety of client types, including Pension Funds, and both Institutional and Retail Asset Managers.


  • For more information on Team Build-outs please contact Rupert Reed.