We are fanatical about providing excellence of service and continually strive to find better ways of doing things. We are highly values-driven with a strong sense of core purpose, which gives us a reason for the company’s existence beyond just making money.
Our Purpose:
We aim to raise standards in the Industry by leading the Executive Search sector in terms of client satisfaction, quality of execution, and profitability, while actively promoting openness, trust, social fairness and social responsibility; thereby providing both personal fulfilment and financial gain to all our employees.
Our Values:
Honesty and Decency: we believe anyone who deals with us, whether we can help them directly or not, should always feel that they have been treated decently, honestly and with integrity;
Transparency: we foster trust by offering transparency to our customers, candidates and staff (within the constraints of the Data Protection Act);
Teamwork: we foster genuine teamwork by paying broadly equal salaries to staff within equal bands of seniority; thus removing any incentive for intra-firm politics, eliminating individual ‘territorialism’, encouraging genuine cooperation; and allowing our staff to rapidly reach their full potential;
Fairness: we believe in rewarding the contribution made by all staff, not just the ‘originators’ or senior partners; we deliberately pay our staff at junior levels more than other firms, to fairly reflect their contribution to the whole team’s success;
Passionate about the quality of our service: we are passionate about the quality of our work and our service to Clients – we want our clients to be super-pleased!
Passionate about Process: we are constantly striving for excellence of execution, looking for better ways to do things. All our processes are mapped out, with each step of each process documented to allow all our staff to adhere to best practice.